Wednesday 15 June 2016

I’m taking a few moments to point out some things in the videos above.

June 9 Northbound Part 1

I start in a park. Park riding is both easier and harder than it looks. Its easier as there are no cars, its harder as there are more people, and dogs.  I used to ring my bell when cycling through parks but now I prefer to just slow down and coast through and around people. When I ring my bell I have had people panic, move directly in front of me, I had a dog chase me when I sounded the bell too.

No matter what, slow is the rule on a trail, even a bike trail, when pedestrians are around.

Note that I’m three minutes in before I actually hit a road.

A few other highlights:

Merging with oncoming traffic: 5:16

How I handle right turn lanes when they are empty: 5:30

How I handle left turns when there is a left turn lane: 9:00

The box “L” turn: 9:50
- A box “L” turn has you signaling left but initially going straight then making a very wide turn to allow the turning cars lots of room to go. It’s a bit counterintuitive when you first do it as you have to cycle straight for a bit before you turn, but its about being where the cars are not.

How you can use the space between vehicles, in this case buses, to your advantage:  10:02

How I handle off ramps to the highway (right hand side of middle lane): 17:00

Crossing the highway: 17:30

I’ll document the next video soon.


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