Tuesday 11 July 2017

So I decided to start mapping my favorite routes through the city, and taking the GoPro along for the ride. I have been asked a bunch of times what it is like to cycle in Toronto, is it safe, is it fun, are there good routes? Each of the routes I will be mapping is a mix of cycle paths, trails, side roads and main roads. I will go into busy traffic but I will also point out options for those who wish to avoid it.

Really the biggest challenge in Toronto is getting from one “safe” route to the next. There are no continuous bike lanes that cover your entire route, for the most part you have to stich something together. I think its actually pretty easy to do, but sometimes its easier to show than to say, so here we go.

The first route of interest is what I’m calling the “crosstown loop”, I took the new Bloor bike lane across to Parliament, the Don Trail to the waterfront, the waterfront trail to the Princess gates then up through Trinity Bellwoods park home.

The GoPro splits up the high def video into chunks, this one has seven. I reach the Don trail by Crosstown Loop 3 or so.

Crosstown Loop 1
Crosstown Loop 2
Crosstown Loop 3
Crosstown Loop 4
Crosstown Loop 5
Crosstown Loop 6
Crosstown Loop 7

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