Thursday 19 October 2017

Things finally calmed down enough for me to organize a post.

So first things first, here is a link to my current commuting route:

Humber to York

I am taking video of the trip in sections. Unfortunately they closed the West Humber Trail at the 401 so I am booted out of the trail to the road (across the 401 at Weston and Albion, not fun) and then back to the trail again. The blockage will run until the winter when the trail is not cleared anyway, so this takes out the trail until the spring at least.

So here we go.

I left off the portion from home to the trail at Jane and Annette, I'll find footage for that later.

Starting at Magswood Park (I get there via Annette):

Then from Raymore Park to Albion Road

Then from Albion to the Humber Trail at Highway 27/Kipling (Humber College)

Then I head east across the city to York from Humber, via the Humber River Trail, starting at the bridge near Kearny Drive

Then I go through Summerlea Park and turn West on the trail near Lanyard Rd

And from there to Steeles where I continue on sidewalks until I get to Fenmar and Garyray, where I take industrial park roads to get on to York

From there it is across on the sidewalks to York, as I don't ride on Steeles

Now, jump ahead to 10 pm and I'm leaving York for home:

This starts just before the exit to the 401 E/W and continues almost to Lawrence

I turned the camera off and back on at Lawrence, and this takes me to Ossington and Dupont:

The only section of the route that is missing is the first chunk from home to the Humber River Trail at Annette. 



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