Tuesday 30 January 2018

So I have been musing on the subject of bike lanes lately.

The successful installation of a bike lane on Bloor has begged the question, why does it stop at Shaw Street? I was out for a recreational ride a few weeks ago and I rode the length of Bloor from Jane or so to Concord.

Watch for yourself and ask the question: why isn’t there a bike lane here? There is more room on the road than there is for the Bloor bike lane where it is currently located, and there are stretches of Bloor past Shaw that are less intensive as far as houses and businesses (e.g. along the length of High Park).

In short, there appears to be plenty of room for a bike lane, even if you leave in a lot of the parking, and it would extend the existing bike lane further West.

So what is stopping this from happening?

If anyone has any thoughts about this, particularly someone with connections to city cycling planning, I would love to know. There are two sequential videos below:

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